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Tips & Hacks for Decal Applications

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Step 1:

Clean the surface where you'll be applying the decal with the alcohol wipe included with your decals. You may also need scissors to separate decals and a coin or a spoon to help press the decal down.

Step 2:

Some decals, like the Mickey heads and Minnie bows, are easier to work with if you cut them into two pieces. Do not remove the transfer tape, just cut through it to separate the decals.

Step 3:

Peel the white backing off the decal. The decal should stick to the clear transfer tape. Use the clear transfer tape to place the decal where you want it on the surface you're sticking it to. You can re-position a little before you press it down firmly.

Step 4:

After pressing down the decal, peel off the transfer tape. If the decal peels of with the tape, press it back down with the edge of a coin or spoon and try to remove the tape again.

Step 5:

If you need to layer another decal on top of the first, just use the transfer tape to place it in the correct position. Press it down firmly once it's in the right spot.

Step 6:

Remove the transfer tape as you did before.

A Problem:

Sometimes you'll want more room for your fingers to place the decal and there's not enough transfer tape in the spot you want to hold it. The secret is using clear household tape!

The Hack:

Without removing the transfer tape, layer a piece of clear scotch tape on top of it. Then peel off the white paper backing.

The Hack:

Use the tape to place the decal the same as you did with the transfer tape. Press it down firmly.

The Hack:

Remove the tape. It will take the transfer tape with it.

A Problem:

The decal won't come off the transfer tape when you try to peel it.

The Hack:

Use the rounded end of a spoon or the blunt end of a pen and scribble over the transfer tape with the decal under it. Press firmly so the decal adheres to the object you're putting it on. When peeling the transfer tape, start at a corner and fold the tape back on itself as you peel.

A Problem:

The edge of a decal is lifting off the surface it's attached to.

The Hack:

Heat the decal using a hair dryer and press it back down. Allow it to cool in place.

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