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Make a Travel Fund Bank

Look at all the money I don't have!

I made a fun, little travel fund piggy bank using a bank I got at Dollarama, a printed image of Cinderella Castle and a Partners Statue decal from It only took 10 minutes and it's something you could do with your kids.

Step 1:

Sorry adorable kittens! You're about to be covered over. The back of the bank pops out like a picture frame so I took it out and measured it for the replacement photo.

Step 2:

I found an image online of Cinderella Castle. I sized it and cut it out. I actually had to use Microsoft Paint to make sure that it printed out the size that I wanted, not scaled to the size of the page.

Step 3:

I covered the back with double-sided adhesive ribbon. Glue tends to bubble. I hate wavy pictures.

Step 4:

I stuck the castle photo right on top of the kitten one. If I was using a lighter photo or if the original photo was really dark, I would have peeled the original photo off first, so it wouldn't show through. But I didn't have to do that here. Then I returned the back into the frame.

Step 5:

Grab the Partners decal and cover it with transfer tape to make it easier to place on the front glass of the bank.

Step 6:

The bank I used had the words Travel Fund at the bottom of the glass, so I used that to help me align the decal. Once I was happy with the placement, I used a scraper tool to press the decal onto the glass. Careful not to press too hard. Then I peeled off the transfer tape.

And there it is! Walt and Mickey standing in front of the castle, just like in the parks. If I wanted to, I could also paint the wooden frame. But for now, I'm happy with how it looks. Try it for yourself and use the hashtag #themousierge for the chance to be featured on our instagram or twitter.

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