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Layering Your Rapunzel MagicBand Decal

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

For general Tips and Hacks to make layering decals simple, click here.

Step 1:

Clean your MagicBand with the alcohol wipe included with your decals. Use the transfer tape to place the white Mickey decal over the Mickey on your MagicBand.

Step 2:

Remove the transfer tape by peeling it off. If the decal starts to lift off, press it back down.

Step 3:

Place the light purple dress decal over the bottom of the Mickey decal.

Step 4:

Remove the transfer tape.

Step 5:

Place the yellow hair decal over the previous decals. It should look like the hair wrapping around behind the Mickey.

Step 6:

Remove the transfer tape.

Step 7:

Place the purple bow at the top of the dress.

Step 8:

Remove the transfer tape and you're done!

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