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Layering Your Goofy MagicBand Decal

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Available at The Mousierge shop on etsy

For general Tips and Hacks to make layering decals simple, click here.

Step 1:

Clean your MagicBand with the alcohol wipe included with your decals. In this example, I have the materials to make 3 Goofys.

Step 2:

If you ordered multiple decals, cut the decals apart so you can make one Goofy at a time. Leave the clear transfer tape on top of the decals.

Step 3:

Peel the orange Mickey decal off the backing. It needs to be attached to the transfer tape.

Step 4:

Holding the edges of the transfer tape, place the orange Mickey on top of the Mickey shape in the centre of your MagicBand. Press down firmly.

Step 5:

Remove the transfer tape by gently peeling it back off the orange Mickey decal. If the decal starts to lift off with it, press it back down.

Step 6:

Take the black vest & hat decal and place it on top of the orange Mickey decal as shown. Press down firmly.

Step 7:

Peel off the transfer tape.

Step 8:

Use the transfer tape to place the blue semi-circle of Goofy's pants at the bottom of the orange Mickey as shown. Match it up with the edges of the black vest.

Step 9:

Peel off the transfer tape.

Step 10:

Use the transfer tape to place the green of Goofy's hat.

Step 11:

Peel off the transfer tape. You're done!

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