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Applying Your MagicBand Skin

Updated: Apr 12

Watch our videos for step-by-step instructions on applying your skin to your MagicBand 2.0 or MagicBand+!

✨💫✨UPDATED: September 23 2023 - We have switched to a new vinyl that is thinner and easier to peel than the vinyl in this video and it is still super adhesive when you apply it to your band! All the application instructions still remain the same.✨💫✨

🚨I strongly suggest you begin by practicing with the spare skin that I have included. You can peel it off once you are comfortable with the application process.🚨

Here are a few tips for your skin that I mention in the end of the video:

✨1. KEEP YOUR BAND IN THE CLOSED POSITION WHILE APPLYING THE SKIN AND AFTER THE SKIN IS APPLIED. If you lay the band flat once the skin is applied, the skin will wrinkle and start lifting at the ends over time.

✨2. If you notice any spots that aren't sticking as well as the rest, heat those areas with a hair dryer and press the skin on the band while it cools. This will reactivate the adhesive on the skin. 

✨3. The adhesive on the skin takes a while to cure. (72 hours for a full bond but you need to leave it for at least 12 hours without moving it for it to stick!) Once it's on, leave it alone and let it bond before you open it again.

✨4. Particularly with the MagicBand 2 skin, the area around the puck is curved both horizontally and vertically on the band so there will be a little puckering of the skin around this area. It's normal and won't affect the skin.

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